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Delicious Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona

Times are changing and more and more restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan dishes but nothing nicer than a menu card full of deliciously prepared veggies and fresh fruits. Here we have listed some of the popular vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona where you will be spoiled with fresh local fruits and vegetables flowing onto your plates. 

Multi pictures of the restaurant Vegetalia in Barcelona

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This place is all about vegan quinoa burgers, empanadas and good priced daily menus. They also serve a wide range of healthy juices, one of the favorites is the fresh carrot and ginger juice. A good thing to know is that all the vegetables served on your plate come from there own local urban eco-garden.

Opening hours are from Sunday to Monday from 11 am till midnight.

Located at Carrer dels Escudellers 54, Barcelona

pictures of the Quinoa restaurant in Bar Barcelona

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Quinoa Bar Vegetarià is a tiny local located in the Gràcia area that serves vegetarian and vegan food with influences of Italian cuisine. The intimate dimension of the Quinoa Bar Vegetarià, which has only three tables and some stools in the bar, embodies a modest but transparent spirit. They do not have a kitchen so they prepare all the dishes at the moment enhancing the natural essence of a space that affectionately cultivates vegetarian philosophy. A small sign on the wall states: «Meat is murder». A statement of intentions by Quinoa Bar Vegetarià de Barcelona. There is a wide choice out of original prepared sandwiches and not to be forgotten the vegan spanakopita. Recommended to flushed with a soft Sicilian bio wine or a local craft beer. In the summer you might find live music or a DJ on the small outdoor terrace.

Located at Travessera de Garcia, 203, Barcelona

Pictures of Veg-World-India Barcelona

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Authentic vegetarian Indian food with a home-cooked vibe.

Located at Carrer de Bruniquer 24 (Gracia)

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