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Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona

Discover the Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona.

With over 10.000 restaurants to chose from, it can be a little overwhelming to make up your mind. If you like to experience new things and the budget is not a problem, than you should at least try one of these restaurants. Barcelona is one of the cities that as more than 20 restaurants awarded with a Michelin Star.

ABaC ***

ABaC *** Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

Jordi Cruz is one of the youngest chefs in Spain to receive the most prestigious awards. His good work in ABaC earned him the third and final star. The menu of this restaurant is divided into two worlds, the first, called Our tradition, takes a tour of Mediterranean breezes and culinary roots from which the Manresa sprouted. The other of these worlds, _Nuestra Vanguardia is a clean look at modernity.

Lasarte ***

Lasarte *** Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

Italian Paolo Casagrande and Basque chef Martín Berasategui are masters in their style, Lasarte was the first 3-star restaurant in Barcelona, an honor that fully corresponds to the efforts of both chefs to make Barcelona a lighter gastronomic destination.

A kitchen of great finesse, sighs of pleasure and memories. Lasarte opens up to nature and the seasons of the year.

Cocina de Hermanos Torres **

Cocina de Hermanos Torres ** Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

Javier and Sergio Torres decided to change the direction of their kitchen and openend a new restaurant Cocina de Hermanos Torres, a dream in the neighborhood of Les Corts where their cuisine is displayed from the vicinity in an unimaginable space.

Disfrutar **

Disfrutar ** Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

The children of el Bulli, Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas, are referring Disfrutar as a connection to the taste of the Mediterranean. In preparations such as bluefish with marinated with taboulé of cauliflower and mushrooms, crispy egg yolk with mushroom gelatin or boletus dumpling, these Catalans demonstrate the high level of their cuisine and, at the same time, the accessible. Two stars for three chefs who know where they are and where they want to go with their kitchen of enjoyment, fun and extreme pleasantness.

Moments **

Moments ** Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

At Moments, Raül Balam carries the Catalan avant-garde in his veins. The son of Carme Ruscadella makes use of great products to create dishes full of subtlety and originality, in which the individuality of the flavors is respected and the textures are highlighted. 

Enoteca Paco Pérez **

Enoteca Paco Pérez ** Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

Noteca is the home of Paco Pérez. The establishment, which is located inside the pleasant Arts hotel, is one of those places of cuisine with soul, a deep Mediterranean culinary and full of freshness. Highly recommended shrimps, with roasted tomato juice, avocado and citrus and the lobster in Americana and Tartar. The name of Enoteca responds to the more than 700 references that make up the winery.

Oria *

Oria * Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

Another restaurant by Martín Berasategui  is crowned with a star. The Basque and his team offer with Oria a fresh cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean that, as it could not be otherwise, makes a reference to the cuisine of the Basque Country. Best products, balance and, creativity.

La Barra De Carles Abellan *

La Barra De Carles Abellan * Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

The evolution of seafood cuisine according to Carles Abellán of La Barra De Carles Abellan. The chef convinces with his fried oyster with roe of spicy salmon and other small mouthfuls like Pulpitos of beach pickles, the potatoes aliñás sevillanas with mackerel or the clams of Lane in the style of Alhucemas. Carles also dares with the great seafood dishes, such as the fried Lobster in the style of Formentera.

Caelis *

Caelis * Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

Caelis, home of French chef Romain Fornell. Its cuisine, elegant and topical, at the same time that it is based on the principles of Gallic cuisine, locals and visitors come to try dishes such as light potato waffle and tuna belly or pumpkin gnocchi violin with ice of truffle in carbonic maceration. These creations are available both in the bar – more relaxed – and in the placid lounge.

Enigma *

Enigma * Michelin restaurant in Barcelona

Enigma another one of the restaurants of el Barri overflowing with creativity, always unexpected and enigmatic. An haute cuisine experience signed by Albert Adrià – the man of the thousand restaurants – and directed by Oliver Peña. All the senses are activated to respond to a changing, unusual and tasty menu. A labyrinth of 700 m2 with kitchen, cellar and cocktails that surrounds the diner in an atmosphere of mystery.

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