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Discover Barcelona´s best Skate Spots

Skater at the Macba museum in Barcelona
Skater at the MACBA museum in Barcelona
Most of the apartments in the little streets of Barcelona are not really soundproof for noise from the street, If you have stayed in one of these little streets of the city center before you have sure noticed them at night going on there skateboards, right skaters. In the day time, you don´t only hear them a lot more but you see them everywhere strolling around or doing tricks. Another great thing this city has to offer. There are many good skateparks in Barcelona but the street skaters prefer the street, of course. One of the most popular spots they like to hang out is in front of the Macba museum in Raval. There are always some skaters to spot almost 24/7. On a busy day there might be ten´s of them practising or showing of there best tricks, while many people sit around enjoying a can of beer  or smoking a porro.
Other spots where you can see skaters at work is at the back of the hotel W close to the beach of La Barceloneta. Closer towards the city center there is plaza de Universidad a busy square surrounded by traffic. On the other hand there are some pretty cool skateparks Barcelona offers, like Forum skatepark, by the end of the beach. La Mar Bella towards the skatepark el Forum but about 1 and  half km closer. Another well known skate park  is  La Guineueta. The park includes three bowls, to get there take metro L3 to Canyelles and then it’s only a five minute walk. Skateplaza de les Corts is one of the new skate parks in Barcelona. Located in the Les Corts district and than last but not least The Agora skatepark, in the area of Badalona, one of the most popular in Barcelona. Besides the many skaters, you can spot also the BMX riders in town. They are well treated too with a huge bike park, 30 minutes by train from the city center. There is also a skate park included with pools, bowls, foam pit, etc…skaters, scooters, riders and rollers welcome! La Poma Bike and skaters park is located in Premia de Mar, to get there take ferrocarril R3 from the city center, get of in Premia de Mar, from there it is a 30 min walk.
Skater at la barceloneta in Barcelona

Barcelona Skate spots by Jesus Fernandez

Upcoming event Barcelona 2019 World Roller Games

BMX driver doing tricks at the x games in Barcelona

Every two years, the world of Roller Sports meet up to crown champions in many fields including skateboarding, scooter, inline hockey, speed skating, and more. This year it is taking place in Barcelona Spain from July the 5th – 14th . for more information go to website world Roller Games .

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