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La Mercè Party, Barcelona 2020

The annual fiestas of la Mercè are the biggest, but above all the nicest fiestas in the city. According to tradition, the city center is transformed into a city full of spectacles and activities for a few days. This year, despite Covid-19, there will also be a party on September 23, 24, 26 and 27 for the La Mercé, the patron saint of the city of Barcelona.

The circumstances in which the activities of the festival will take place will be adjusted, as will the security measures and precautions.

To avoid the crowds, the festivities of the La Mercè parties will be spread over 10 districts. View the program here. Unfortunately, the famous and spectacular Correfocs have been canceled for this edition, as have the Castellers and the beautiful projections on famous buildings due to the Corana virus.

For this edition it is mandatory to reserve access:
There are several ways to book your tickets: online, by clicking on this link, or by phone at the Ciutadana de la Cultura Office on +34 93 316 10 00. Tickets are free and you only need to provide a phone number and an email address.

View the program here by clicking the image.

As every year there is also a big fireworks and music show, which takes place on September 27. This will be seen from all over the city as this year the city decided to make the fireworks more powerful so that the arrows have a higher range.

As for music, this edition is mainly dedicated to classics from the 40s, 50s and 60s dedicated to the eldest.

The music concerts
Music cannot be missed at the biggest party in the city, this year with spectacular and diverse performances by Califato 3/4, Itaca Band, Ferran Palau, Tribade, La Sra Tomasa, Sabor de Gràcia, House of Pharaohs and many more . This in beautiful locations such as La Modelo, La Antigua Fábrica de Estrella Damm, the Bam Forum or the Teatre Grec, and many others. 

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