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Discover the first Lego flagship store in Barcelona

Barcelona will be the city where the Danish company opens its new and first flagship store in Spain.

The Flagship Store, which will be a monument to Barcelona’s imagination. It will provide guests with a whole 100% LEGO experience with a healthy dose of creativity. Local winks will be featured at the Barcelona store, following the model of the LEGO flagship stores, to excite families and LEGO enthusiasts. The store’s design will be influenced by city icons that represent LEGO’s creative spirit: architecture, modernism, mosaics, and so on.

lego flagship store Barcelona Sagrada Familia

The LEGO Group has chosen Barcelona as the location for its next Flagship Store in Europe, as well as the first in Spain.

This brings the total number of business stores in Spain to six: two in Barcelona, two in Madrid, one in Zaragoza, and the most recent addition: Seville.

This new location will be a pleasant new destination for local families as well as LEGO fans from all around the world.

LEGO finished 2020 with a 7.6% market share in Spain and an 8.5 percent year-on-year growth rate (a difference of more than 5.6 million euros).

Visitors to the Barcelona Flagship Store are able to interact with the LEGO brick in imaginative and engaging ways that have never been seen before in a corporate store in Europe.

Furthermore, the company offers future visitors the LEGO VIP affiliate program, which allows them to accumulate points, access unique experiences and exclusive discounts in store.

In Spain, the Barcelona LEGO Store boasts the largest selection of LEGO products.

The new LEGO store is 800 square meters in size and serves as a curiosity, evoking modernism and many of the city’s traditions, such as the essence of the trencads style, popularized by Antonio Gaud, which can be found in every corner.

In a statement, they said, “It mixes the spirit of Catalan culture, legends, and creativity with the idea of LEGO, its bricks, and its experiences centered on constructing and destroying to rebuild anew.

They feature a large range of distinctive merchandise, including a reconstruction of FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium.

The notion of ‘Retaltaiment’ is represented in four major areas of the store: the minifigure factory, an interactive kiosk where visitors may digitally create, print, and take home their own LEGO minifigure.

The Mosaic Marker, which allows fans to create their own portrait. All you have to do is take a shot in the space’s photo booth, and the machine will turn your portrait into a mosaic built out of LEGO bricks.  

The LEGO flagship store can be found at Paseo de Gràcia, number 9.

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