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Open Mic, Free Podium, and Live Music in Barcelona

Barcelona is well-known for its nightlife, so it's no surprise that it's also a fantastic spot to hear live music!

There are numerous venues where you can enjoy Open Mic, Free podium, and Live music in Barcelona, among the Catalan capital’s famed discotecas and cocktail bars.

You can enjoy anything from traditional Catalan tunes to modern EDM beats thanks to the unique local culture and Barcelona’s standing as one of Europe’s most international cities. If you’re looking for a place to listen to live music in Barcelona, here are a couple of our top picks, in no particular order. Take a seat, unwind, and enjoy the show!

Open mic, live music, free jam, Big Bang bar Barcelona

Are you a fan of rock & roll? If that’s the case, Big Bang will be your go-to spot in Barcelona for live music. They also showcase a lot of jazz concerts these days, in addition to rock. This iconic Raval pub is colorful, fun, and full of local flavor. If you’re in the area, stop by one of the open mic evenings or jam sessions to see some unique talented individuals.

Address: Carrer d’En Botella, 7

Open mic, free podium live music Jamboree club

Jamboree is an icon in Barcelona’s blossoming jazz scene. For decades, it has been one of the city’s most important jazz clubs, with legends like Bill Coleman and Chet Baker performing there.

It is one of the most chilled-out locations to watch live music in Barcelona for its high-quality performances and laid-back, peaceful atmosphere. For a truly musical treat, check out the amazingly brilliant local artists who perform during the weekly jam sessions every Monday.

AddressPlaça Reial, 17

Open mic, free podium live music Jazz si club

Jazz Si is a small-format space where professionals and musical connoisseurs gather to hear something new and interesting. On its stage, there have been performed roughly 7 thousand concerts and more than 36.000 musicians and speakers have shared the stage.

Jazz on Mondays Si, as its name suggests, entertains guests with jazz music. 

Every Tuesday and Sunday, rock, pop, and blues are performed on the Jazz Si stage. You are welcome to bring your instrument and participate in the final jam sessions.

The institution returns to its favorite jazz on Wednesdays. This evening  music students gather  to demonstrate their abilities, and polish their techniques.

Thursdays  is an evening of Latin American salsa, cumbia, and other fiery rhythms, a moment to shake your hips naturally.

Flamenco concerts are held every Friday and Saturday night. Fire dancing, deep singing, and a guitar solos.

Address: Carrer Requesens, 2

Open mic, free podium live music 23 Robadors

The bar has been open on Carrer d’en Robadors since 2004, providing a diverse mix of people and live music programming thanks to their network of top-notch musicians and internationally famous collaborations. They have always believed that music should connect with its listeners and interact with the environment.

They have been presenting music every day since 2008, with a different theme for each day of the week. From flamenco to jazz, free jazz, bebop, funk, rock, indie, cabaret, and small-scale theater, there’s something for everyone.

The bar owes a gratefulness to the artists who have supported them throughout the years, including Bruce Arkin, Joe Smith, Juan Pablo Balcazar, Miguel ‘Pincho’ Villar, and Natasha ‘the Divine,’ to name a few.


Address: Carrer Robadors. 23

Open mic, free podium live music Harlem Jazz Club

Harlem Jazz Club is a legendary jazz venue in Barcelona. It’s located on a small street in the middle of the historic district and is a great spot to hear jazz, funk, and soul almost every night of the week. You might hear live music if you arrive earlier in the evening. Stay after the show to dance to local DJs who will have the entire crowd up on their feet with their contagious and high-quality music.

The club holds roughly 300 people in a single room with a bar in the front and a dance floor in the back. It’s a seductive and inviting environment with dim lighting, inexpensive drinks, and a friendly vibe.

Address: Carrer Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8

Open mic, free podium live music La Taverna de Barcelona

Every day, live music can be enjoyed. They always provide two uninterrupted music sessions, the first beginning at 22.30h and ending at 00.30h, and the second beginning at 00.30h and ending at 3h.

The “Taverna” is a gathering spot where people may enjoy live music, sports, fine cuisine, and good company. There are 23 various varieties of beer available, including Guinnes, Paulaner, Foster’s, Murphy’s, and others. Also available is a large menu with a variety of meals, including salads, ribs, and delicious XXL burgers. The establishment is a Catalan “Taverna.” They participate in local celebrations  and  international celebrations like Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Oktoberfest. 

Address: Ronda Universidad, 37

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