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Surfing in Barcelona

Enjoy some surfing in Barcelona

 Surfing in Barcelona was unknown until 1978, when Catalan Evan Illas returned to Barcelona after a trip through Australia, he was obsessed by a new activity. During his adventure some surfers caught his attention and after trying surfing himself, he was immediately hooked, so he bought a surfboard and brought it to Barcelona.

Surfer watching the sea in Barcelona

However, surfing in Barcelona didn’t become popular until the 1980s. It was partly thanks to windsurfing that the first generation of surfers arose in Barcelona. 

Multiple surfers waiting for a wave in Barcelona
Mutliple surfers catching a wave in Barcelona

If you happen to walk along the beach of Barcelona and notice that there are surf waves but are not prepared with a board and a wetsuit, do not worry because in Barceloneta there are several surf shops where you can rent surfboards at a good price. Here are the best known: Surf House Barceloneta, Manhihi Surf School, Ungravity Sub and Surf Center

Surfers in the water at the beach of Barcelona

The coastline of Barcelona, about 7km long, is divided into several beaches, each with its own characteristics and name.
Some beaches are much more popular than others, probably depending on the wind and waves. Check out our post on beaches in Barcelona to find out more about the differences.


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