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Discover the amazing views of the Tibidabo

The mountain of the Tibidabo is, with 512 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the Collserola mountain range, in the municipality of Barcelona. It is popular for its views over the city and for its natural spaces, which are used for recreational purposes. The name “Tibi dābō, which in Latin means ‘I will give you’, comes from some verses of the Vulgate Bible. On the mountain you will also find the Tibidabo Amusement Park …

Panorama view from the Tibidabo mountain in Barcelona

Tibidabo amusement park opened in 1901 and is among the 40 oldest in the world.
For those who have grown up in Barcelona, ​​the Tibidabo amusement park is synonymous with summer, Saturdays with the family and fun. The same may be true for your parents and grandparents. If you are visiting or want to stay for a while, it is mandatory that you spend a whole day in this emblematic place (if you go with Atrápalo, it also costs less than € 11). Hold on tight, because its history, like a good roller coaster, is full of ups, downs, and the odd surprises.

Amusement park Tibidabo in Barcelona

It is not trivial that this amusement park is among the forty oldest in the world. Its origins date back to 1899, when the wealthy pharmacist and real estate developer Salvador Andreu proposed a project to develop the Tibidabo mountain. This included the funicular, the Tramvia Blau and the enclosure that we know today. Barcelona was in a time of economic expansion. It had to reaffirm the power that it had shown at the 1888 World’s Fair and one of the ways to catch up with European capitals like Copenhagen or Vienna was to have its own amusement park.

Tibidabo park Barcelona
Tibidabocommunication tower on the Tibidabo in Barcelona
Church on top of the Tibidabo, Barcelona
Amusement park in Barcelona

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