You are currently viewing Barcelona, a bike-friendly city.

Barcelona, a bike-friendly city.

Is Barcelona bike friendly?

Today Barcelona has grown to one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Not more than 10 years ago, it was hard to spot a cyclist and the city did not seem to care about the infrastructure nor the safety aspects for cyclists. In the last few years, Barcelona has invested in more than 250km of bicycle lanes thru out the city. Also, many companies that provide bicycle rental by an app have risen like mushrooms, and on most corners you find a bicycle waiting to be rented. Some companies like bicing or more orientated towards locals and others like ……. or —- are an option for visitors.

Bicycling is not only seen as a type of transport but also a great and fun way to stay in shape.

Barcelona is after Madrid, the biggest city in Spain, offering many attractions, monuments, and famous buildings to visit. As in every big city traffic can be a problem but thanks to the rising of better infrastructure for cyclists and more bicycle facilities, Barcelona has become a place where renting a bicycle will be the best and most fun way to move around. If you would like to explore Barcelona by bicycle, we have some great tours with a guide we offer. 

Guide Wannes at Plaza Reial in Barcelona

What is the world’s most bike-friendly city?
Since 2015 Barcelona is 11th on the list of most friendly bicycle cities in the world. Shortly followed by Berlin, Dublin, Wenen, and Montreal. The most bike-friendly city in the world today is still Copenhagen, followed by Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Antwerp on number 4 of the list.
Bicycling is seen as one of the most exciting things to do in Barcelona. Every year many visitors take advantage of the good cycling and weather conditions to explore the city with a guide. This way getting lots of information and tips to enjoy their holidays.

How much does it cost to rent a bicycle in Barcelona?
Bicycles these days are considered one of the most important means of transport in Barcelona. Thanks to Bicing and newer companies a bicycle can be easily found and rented in one of the many bicycle stations thru out the city. The system is very easy to use and good in price.

As there is always room for improvement, Barcelona has done a major effort in the last few years, hopefully, they keep on investing in more bicycle lanes and better connections.

How do I plan a bike tour in Barcelona?
If you like to explore Barcelona by bicycle we are happy to guide you,
have a look at our offers for bicycle tours in Barcelona at SAYBARCELONA.COM or contact us for bookings and reservations.

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