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Barcelona´s Best beaches

Barcelona beaches

Even without its beaches, Barcelona would be one of Europe’s coolest destinations thanks to its groundbreaking food scene, unique architecture and legendary nightlife.
But the cherry on the sundae is the three-mile strip of nearly continuous golden sand, which is so wired into its heart that it’s like the entire city’s backyard.
Much of the seafront buzzes with a carnival atmosphere year-round, with hawkers tiptoeing around sunbathers to sell cold cans of beer, beach blankets and chintzy trinkets.
The 7 km long beach is divided in multiple beaches, here is a list of the most popular ones.
beachmap of Barcelona beaches

Sant Sebastía

Surfers in the water in front of the W hotel in Barcelona

Some of the more important sports clubs in Barcelona are there to be found.

Sant Sebastià is one of the beaches frequented by older people. It is also popular by nudists.

Sant Miguel and Barceloneta

People walking on the beach in Barcelona

Playa de Sant Miquel called due to the nearby Church of Sant Miquel del Port, it is a centrally and lively beach that despite its small size makes up one of the busiest points of the city’s coastline. 

Barceloneta is central located and it is easy accessible by public transport. It is one of the favorite beaches for foreigners and local young people who practice sports activities.

The beach has several volleyball courts, children’s play areas, table tennis, a gymnastics area and a “biblio-beach” service.


A man walking at the Somostro beach in Barcelona

Located between Hospital del Mar and Calle de la Marina, Somorrostro Beach comprises a section of coast that previously belonged to Barceloneta Beach.

The beach was recently renamed to pay tribute to the shantytown of Somorrostro, that after a hundred years of life was demolished for Franco’s visit to Barcelona in 1966.

The Playa de Somorrostro has a very central location and its convenient access by means of public transport makes it one of the favorite beach areas for young locals and foreigners.

Nova Icaria and Bogatell

Man jogging close to Nova Icaria Barcelona

Nova Icària Beach is one of the quietest beaches in the city and is usually frequented by families with children and groups of friends. Like other beaches in Barcelona such as Sant Sebastià or Nova Mar Bella, Nova Icària Beach has an area for people with disabilities in which some volunteers help.

Mar Bella

Mar Bella beach in Barcelona

Mar Bella Beach mostly visited by a fairly young audience, the beach has a space used as a nudist beach, in addition to different sports facilities such as volleyball court, basketball court and ping-pong table. There is a nautical base from which water activities are carried out.

The smaller ones have a children’s play area and during the summer they can rent books at the beach library.

Nova Mar Bella and Llevant

Nova Mar Bella beach in Barcelona

Nova Mar Bella Beach is a quiet beach frequented by a fairly young audience, especially women living in the Sant Martí district.

Llevant is located a little further away from the city center, it is great to find a quieter environment and fewer crowds of people.

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