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Nice cycling routes to enjoy

Discover Barcelona by bicycle.

Today, Barcelona has become one of the better cycling cities in Europe. Since a few years the city has invested a lot in bicycling lanes, today Barcelona has more than 230km of bicycling lanes to offer.

The historic center of Barcelona is a magical place with enormous beauty to discover. It is the ideal place to give yourself a treed. The archictecture is breathtaking, fascinating people, a comforteble climat, countless terraces, good food and so much more.

Around the city center there is a range of nice places to discover like the houses designed by Gaudi, the beach of Barceloneta, the Sagrada Familia, the City Park, Park Guell just to name a few.

Discover below some nice routes you can enjoy.

A bike ride through the city.

We have prepared this route based on the cycle paths that are available so that you can fully enjoy a ride through Barcelona. The route connects the new and old neighborhoods. Both the Ramblas and the Raval district, the city park and the Arc de Triompf.

Cycling on the Montjuic mountain

This route has a long street that you have to go through, but once you pass it, the entire city landscape changes as the crowds decrease and the beauty increases. Once passed the beautiful Plaza España you will find some escalators which you can also use with the bicycle if you know how to, they will leave you halfway up the mountain. From there on it is very relaxed cycling with mostly downhill runs. If you would like to go a little higher up the mountain or avoid the escalators, we recommend renting an electric bicycle.

Cycle route along the beach From Barcelona

Before the Olympic Games, Barcelona had only 300 meters beach, today it is extended to a little more than 7km. It is an ideal ride on a sunny day to the entire coastline of the city to explore. The ride offers beautiful views, beach bars, restaurant, fun, adventure, beach and sea. Safe and also ideal for children.

Renting a bicycle in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great city to discover by bike, with a huge range of bicycle rental companies finding a good bicycle is easy, shops are located all over town.

1. If you do not like to go to a shop than Donkey Republic is a good option as they have rental bikes spread around the city in various pickup locations. To rent a bike, find a bike near you with the app, rent it, and unlock it with your phone.

2. If you are looking for the best price than Mattia 46 is a good option. They probebly rent out bicycles for the best price in town. One bike for the entire day will cost you only €5

3. If you like the bike to be delivered than Bike rental Barcelona is a good option. They offer a delivery and / or pick up service to wherever you are in the city. 

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