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Magic Fountain Show at Montjuic


The Magic Fountain is one of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks, and it’s no surprise that the fountain has been drawing visitors for more than 100 years. The show is a mix of water, light, music and fireworks that you won’t want to miss. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting this world-famous attraction:

Days of the show

This unique water and light feature receives 2.5 million visitors every year and is an internationally recognized emblem of Barcelona and it is easy to get there. Metro stop to Plaza de España; from there on it’s a 5-minute walk.


Is it free?

Yes! The show is free and open to the public. The fountain show starts at 20:00 pm in the winter and at 21:30 pm in the summer.

How to get there?

The Magic Fountain is located at Plaça de Carles Buigas.

To get there, take the metro to Plaça Espanya, which is on both the green and red lines. Following there, you’ll notice two large Venetian-style towers flanking a wide avenue leading up to the Palau Nacional atop Montjuic (home of the MNAC museum). The Magic Fountain is located at the bottom of the hill.

Magic Fountain in Barcelona History

The Magic Fountain was built in 1928 and is located at Plaça de la Font de Canaletes. It was created to celebrate the 1929 Universal Exhibition in Barcelona.

The architect who designed the Magic Fountain was Francesc Mitjans and he also designed other buildings in Barcelona, as well as several other fountains around Spain.

Magic Fountain Guided Tour by Bicycle

In this tour, you will be transported to another world. You will discover the magic of the fountain show. The tour is 2 hours and lasts through the Magic Fountain show. It is a great way to visit the Magic Fountain Show. Contact us for more information.

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