A Walking Tour Full of History and Charm

2 hours | starting from €105 | private guide | pay after tour

walking tour Barcelona

Learn about the city in a fun and relaxed way with a private guide.  Get full of tips and tricks on top of nice restaurants, shops, squares and much more.

€ 105 (1-2 persons)

€40 PER PERSON (3-4 persons)

€32 PER PERSON (5-6 persons)

€24 PER PERSON (from 7 people)

You'll learn about the city's fascinating past, and see how it has evolved over time. Every step of this tour is full of history, charm, and magic!

Also ideal for couples and small groups. For those who already know the city and for those who are visiting it for the first time.

Reservations made easy!

You can BOOK OR ASK QUESTIONS by sending us a message via the WhatsApp button at the bottom (+34 603 32 65 88). Please state: – Date + time – Type of tour – Combined group or with private guide – Language - Number of persons, children (age)

Also by email (info@saybarcelona.com) or by filling out the form below..