*Our Barcelona Highlight tours depart daily at 10:30am and 2:30pm from Plaça de George Orwell (private tours at specified time)

*Easily accessible by public transport (L3, green line, 8 minutes from La Rambla)

*Parking garage for the car nearby: Interparking Las Ramblas (on Las Ramblas) or Aparcament Saba Catedral (near Barcelona Cathedral)

Phone: +34 603 32 65 88


For the Highlights Tour, the guide and bicycles are included in the price.

If you have booked a tour with a private guide you can discuss the route.

For all other routes, please note that part of the route is on streets that are accessible to motorized traffic. Cyclists must comply with all traffic rules. This includes obeying all traffic signals and yielding as needed. Being part of the event doesn’t put you above the rules of the road.

In recent years, Barcelona has invested in over 230km of bicycle paths in the city, making it possible to keep to the cycle path throughout the route.

WHERE DOES MY BIKE TOUR LEAVE? We work with small bike rental companies in the city center of Barcelona. We will then check the options for starting the tour at the location nearest to your residence. This is done in consultation with the customer.

It is recommended to always bring a little sun cream.

It is always handy to have a bottle of water with you, during private tours you can stop if the group wishes for a sanitary stop or drink.

During the Classic´s tour there is a short break for a drink and sanitary stop.

On request it is possible to provide helmets and / or child seats.

Yes. There are certain points on the route where you can decide whether to continue on the chosen route or whether you prefer to change the route.

* A fixed route is followed during the Classic´s Tour.

Yes you can, depending on the availability of our guides.

No, no deposit is made when booking a tour.

* We do ask you to contact us as soon as possible in case you do not have the opportunity to attend the booked tour so that we can adjust our schedule.

Payment is made at the end of the tour?

This mainly depends on the driving qualities of the child and the chosen route. We offer bicycles for children from 4 years old. It is possible to reserve a child seat for smaller children up to 20 kg.

Children under 16 are required by law to wear a helmet on a bicycle.

Safety is paramount for every chosen route, but if you prefer to avoid traffic, the route can be adjusted accordingly. (for all routes with private guide)

We work together with small bicycle rental companies in the city center of Barcelona, so the model of the bicycle may differ slightly. All our partners provide bicycles with the Dutch city bike model.

All Say Barcelona Tours are rain and shine resistant unless otherwise stated. (Fortunately it rains very little in Barcelona) In case of severe or potentially dangerous weather, we will contact you to discuss the options.

One mask is provided per person, after each tour the bicycles are disinfected, especially the handles and the saddle receive extra attention.

We, a group of friends / colleagues who have been working as a guide in Barcelona for many years, decided during the Corona breakout to work together from now on. As the main reason we want to secure our future of our job, which is under great pressure due to the conditions of Covid-19.

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult for us as guides in Barcelona to earn our living, despite the number of bicycle tours and tourism increasing every year. Since we as guides have a passion for our job, we usually accepted the somewhat low salaries and barely legal work contracts, which makes it exciting every season.

This gave rise to the idea of ​​designing a platform that was able to improve our working conditions with better service and quality to the customer and with a better price.

It was a challenge to process all this into a formula that works for both customer and guide. It took us blood sweat and tears to start this project, especially because there was no budget. Fortunately, thanks to our cooperation, we have succeeded in setting up this website. Among our guides, we have a photographer, someone with knowledge of websites, someone who likes to write, someone who is good with social media etc …

The lockdown in Barcelona started exactly at the beginning of the tourist season. Many guides lost their jobs as a result without claiming any help from the government or the employer. This is due to the lack of a legal work contract.

Our aim with our platform “Say Barcelona, ​​Het Gidsencollectief”, is to create a stable future for our passion with better conditions for customer and guide.

Because we still think we have the best job in the world.

You can easily cancel your tour by sending us a message via our Email address or by contacting us via our Say Barcelona Facebook page:

By Whatsapp or by phone on the number: +34 603 32 65 88

* If you book a Private Tour through the profile page of the guide in question, the requested guide will become your guide. If the requested guide is not available, a different date will initially be proposed. If that does not fit, it is also possible to choose a different guide.

* If you book a private tour through the platform, a private guide will be assigned.

* It is not possible to choose your guide on the Classic´s tour.

YES, In the unlikely event that you could cause damage to third parties, you are insured by the guide who has taken out legal insurance for this.

NO, In the unlikely event that you have sustained damage during a bike tour, you are not insured and must be settled with your own insurance company.

We organize bike tours for our customers with professional guides who work on an independent basis. This is to put good conditions for the customer and guide first. All our guides are affiliated with the Say Barcelona Guides collective and lead tours under the conditions imposed by Say Barcelona Tours to ensure our quality and service.

Say Barcelona is responsible for all planning and communication, so that our guides can focus on what they prefer to do, as they show customers around Barcelona.

Do you have a passion for Barcelona that you love to share with others? Have you lived in Barcelona for several years and do you have at least 2 years of experience as a guide?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Say Barcelona Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook profile, you can also reach us via our email address:

Also by phone on +34 603 32 65 88 or via Whatsapp.

Did you no find your answer, do not hestitate to contact us